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From the first bars, it became clear what this group is all about: music from the melting pot of Cuba and the Cape Verde Islands, with infectious and stirring rhythms, brimming with unbridled energy and performed with unbridled passion.
To catch their breath, the audience was also introduced to the Cape Verdean equivalent of Fado, in Bo Seiva: a tearjerker of the first order. It even became silent for a moment "by the stove". The vocal performance of singer Melissa Fortes was certainly not inferior to the singer from 2014 (then: Dina Medina).

There were actually musical highlights all the time on this evening, but the boiling point was really reached during the battles that were "fought" by (the brand new) percussionist Erik Larrea and percussionist Nils Fischer, who constantly indulged in his congas. With these he also accompanied the rhythmically spoken improvised text by Willem Habers, announcing the removal of the front rows of seats, in order to make dancing possible. 

So the last six pieces (plus encore) were performed in front of a dancing audience, which is rare. CaboCubaJazz did it again, just like eight years ago. May Fischer's statement (we'll be there again in 2030) not come true: Tor audiences have made it clear that waiting another eight years will absolutely not be tolerated!



Koen Edeling
Seen on: 22 April 2022 

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