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In an inimitable way, the international ensemble blends the melancholy of the Cape Verdean Islands with a generous portion of Cuban rumba, salsa and adventurous jazz.


The result: 100% CaboCubaJazz - both the listener and the dancer are taken on a journey where desire, passion, subtlety and musical fire alternate. 


CaboCubaJazz performed in Canada, Thailand, Cuba, Germany, Finland, Israel, Austria, Belgium, Malaysia, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Norway and in The Netherlands.Highlights: Havana Jazz Festival, Penang Jazz Festival, Borneo Jazz & North Sea Jazz Festival.

cabocubajazz op nsj17 foto eric van nieu

They just presented the new album 'Corason Africano', including hit single 'Boas Festas'. It features beautiful originals and contributions by legendary Cape Verdean composers, performed CaboCubaJazz - style!


Rikeza y Valor is elected best world music CD by Dutch journalists, was selected in four categories for the Latin Grammy and was nominated four times at the Cabo Verde Music Awards 2012

Mixed Worldmusic:"The really great sound brings it to a very high level. A mix of mellow Cabo, rough Cuba,

with a touch of Jazz - maybe the perfect blend."

Trouw:"A unique transatlantic concept: the encounter of Cuba and Cape Verde within elegant,

swinging and powerful jazz arrangements. Exciting improvisations, super-tight rhythmic feel.

Slagwerkkrant: "This sounds fantastic, incredible rhythm all the way - a revelation."

Semana, Cape Verde: “The perfect combination."

Volkskrant: "Beautiful Contrasts." ****

John Santos: "Beautiful - what a great concept and production – all top-notch musicians and arrangers!"

Volkskrant:"Sensational...they enter the boundless landscapes of jazz." ****
Luis Conte: "I love the way Cabo Verde and Afro Cuba merge together - I don't know if this has been done ever before..."

Ozusalsa, Japan: "Effective groove, unique atmosphere."

Cultuurpodium: "CaboCubaJazz spread out a warm musical carpet."

Solar Latin Club, Colombia: "A musical jewel!"

Pleasurekrant: "A masterpiece."

Jazzism: "A rich cocktail of great flavours."

VPROgids: "High-quality manifestation of musical blending..."

Descarga, USA: "Without any effort, with a healthy dose of timba."Muziekweb: "Groovy, swinging musicians!"

Algemeen Dagblad: "A warm 'feel-good CD' you want to keep listening to."

Sticks, Germany: "Very lively strong rhythmic pulse..beautifully floating -really gets under your skin."

Tito Paris, Cape Verde, Portugal: "The music of CaboCubaJazz makes me very happy. Parabens!"

Calixto Oviedo: "Tremendos arreglos y tremenda interpretacion de todos los músicos. La percusión es GENIAL."

Mendes Brothers: "Fantastic project! Very innovative - bridging the culture of two creole nations: Cabo Verde and Cuba!"

Drums & Percussion: "Passionate, exiting, sweeping, can't stop listening."

Mundoclasico: "By far the best group presented at the 28th International Jazz Festival Viersen."

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19-08-2020 De Observant, Amersfoort

16-02-2020 Theater De Stoep, Spijkenisse

13-02-2020 Bad Homburg, Germany

08-02-2020 Geislingen, Germany

07-02-2020 Reutlingen, Germ


18-07-24   Summer Jazz, Den Haag

17-08-24   Brașov Jazz Festival, Rumenia

13-09-24   Loosdrecht Jazz Festival

15-09-24   Podium de Nieuwe Kamer, Den Haag

28-09-24   Bad Vilbel - Bühne an den Nidda Stufen (free concert) 

05-12-24   ISA Base, Bahrain Jazz Festival, Bahrain

06-12-24   French School, Bahrain Jazz Festival, Bahrain

07-12-24   BNP Paribas, Bahrain Jazz Festival, Bahrain

13-12-24   Jazzcafé Dizzy's, Rotterdam

23-02-25   Theater De Stoep, Spijkenisse

03-04-25   Kriol Jazz, Cape Verde

04-04-25   Kriol Jazz, Cape Verde

05-04-25   Kriol Jazz, Cape Verde

17-05-25   Herdecke - Richard Werner Saal

18-05-25   Didi's Jazzcafe, Maastricht

30-08-25   Delft Jazz Festival


More dates in preparation

Past Concerts

07-07-24  Lessing Theater Wolfenbüttel, DE

03-04-24  De Observant, Amersfoort

10-05-24  Jazzcafé Dizzy's, Rotterdam

12-05-24  Club Laurentz, Heemskerk

03-04-24  De Observant, Amersfoort

24-03-24  Podium de Nieuwe Kamer, Den Haag

14-01-24  Jazz Inside, Bergen op Zoom

20-12-23  De Observant, Amersfoort

27-10-23  Theater de Regentes, Den Haag

01-10-23  Fête des Cultures Dudelange, Luxembourg

18-10-23  De Observant, Amersfoort

15-08-23  Amersfoort Jazz & World Festival

12-08-23  Micro!Festival Dortmund, Germany 

06-08-23  Zomerterras, Vlaardingen

29-06-23  De Doelen, Rotterdam

13-05-23  DJS, Dordrecht

13-06-23  Bunderhee Open Air, Germany

24-06-23  Cultuur Concreet, Fonteinkerk, Rotterdam

18-01-23 De Observant, Amersfoort

15-03-23 De Observant, Amersfoort

17-03-23 Wesopatheater, Weesp 

22-04-22 Jazzclub De Tor, Enschede

05-05-22 Belfort, Almere

31-05-22 Grosse Kirche, Bremerhaven, Germany

18-06-22 Summerbeat Festival, Rotterdam

10-07-22 Jazzclub Laurentz, Heemskerk

15-10-22 Private event, Rotterdam

19-10-22 De Observant, Amersfoort

03-12-22 Muziekpodium DJS, Dordrecht

16-02-2022 De Observant, Amersfoort 

19-02-2022 Erich Scherer Zentrum, Frickenhausen, Germany -

20-02-2022 Parktheater, Augsburg, Germany -

10-11-2021 De Observant, Amersfoort 
25-11-2021 Meerjazz Festival Weken, Hoofddorp 
18-12-2021 Winter Cool Schouwburgplein, Rotterdam 

19-09-2021 Noordereiland Festival, Rotterdam

02-10-2021 Kleurrijk Harderwijk

31-07-2021 Muziekgebouw, Eindhoven 

25-07-2021 Theater de Vest, Alkmaar

19-08-2020 De Observant, Amersfoort

16-02-2020 Theater De Stoep, Spijkenisse

13-02-2020 Bad Homburg, Germany

08-02-2020 Geislingen, Germany

07-02-2020 Reutlingen, Germany

28-12-2019 Blue Note Eindhoven

18-12-2019 De Observant, Amersfoort

28-12-2019 Eindhoven Muziekgebouw, ft. Efe Erdem

22-11-2019 Jazz Festival Take 5, Bergkamen, Germany

15-11-2019 Theater Cardo, Groesbeek

05-10-2019 Fête de Cultures, Dudelange, Luxembourg

04-08-2019 Park Podium, Breukelen

29-06-2019 Jazzschip, Rotterdam

30-06-2019 Schouwburgplein, De Doelen, Rotterdam

05-07-2019 Sunfest, London Ontario, Canada

06-07-2019 Sunfest, London Ontario, Canada

07-07-2019 Sunfest, London Ontario, Canada

01-05-2019 De Observant, Amersfoort

03-05-2019 Circusstad, Rotterdam

03-04-2019 De Observant, Amersfoort

12-04-2019 Theater Spant, Bussum

07-03-2019 De Meerpaal, Dronten

09-03-2019 Theater De Winsinghhof, Roden (private event)

14-02-2019 Theater de Speeldoos, Baarn

18-01-2019 NPO Radio 5, 20:00 - preview Perlas del Amor tour

18-01-2019 Cultuurcentrum Griffioen, Amstelveen

22-01-2019 Kulturbörse, Freiburg, Germany

12-01-2019 Eindhoven Muziekgebouw

24-11-2018 Stadstheater, Zoetermeer

28-11-2018 De Observant, Amersfoort

30-11-2018 Theater Ludens, Voorburg

09-01-2019 De Observant, Amersfoort

15-09-2018 Kerk Garnwerd

28-09-2018 CAPE - Centre des Arts, Luxembourg

03-10-2018 De Observant, Amersfoort

31-10-2018 De Observant, Amersfoort

11-08-2018 Open Air Bühl, Germany

30-06-2018 Hillegersberg Jazz Festival, Rotterdam

09-05-2018 De Observant, Amersfoort  

20-05-2018 Kurhaus, Bad Vilbel, Germany

24-03-2018 Dekker, Zoetermeer 

19-04-2018 Weltenklang Festival, Ingoldstadt, Germany 

02-02-2018 Regentenkamer, Den Haag

14-02-2018 De Observant, Amersfoort  

17-02-2018 Hellevoetsluis, Theater Twee Hondjes

23-02-2018 Zuidplein Theater, Rotterdam

14-03-2018 De Observant, Amersfoort  

21-01-2018  Verkade Fabriek, Den Bosch

17-11-2017 CaboCubaJazz quintet presents Pablo Martínez; Bimhuis, Amsterdam

06-12-2017 De Observant, Amersfoort  

30-09-2017 Muziekpodium Estrado, Harderwijk

08-10-2017 Jazzpodium Waterweg, Schiedam

11-10-2017 De Observant, Amersfoort  

23-09-2017 Obere Mühle, Dübendorf,

24-08-2017 Jazz Night Zug, Switzerland

07-07-2017 NORTH SEA JAZZ FESTIVAL, Mississippi Stage

12-07-2017 De Parade, Den Haag

25-06-2017 Kid Dynamite Jazz, Rotterdam

24-05-2017 De Observant, Amersfoort  

03-06-2017 Dordtse Jazz Sociëteit, Dordrecht

05-05-2017 World Youth Jazz Festival, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 

06-05-2017 WYJF, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 

07-05-2017 WYJF, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

09-05-2017 Borneo Jazz Festival, Miri Sarawak, Borneo

10-05-2017 Borneo Jazz Festival, Miri Sarawak, Borneo

12-05-2017 Borneo Jazz Festival, Miri Sarawak, Borneo

19-04-2017 De Observant, Amersfoort  

21-04-2017 De Doelen, Rotterdam

23-03-2017 Luxemburg, Coque Arena

22-03-2017 De Observant, Amersfoort

10-03-2017 Hellevoetsluis, Theater Twee Hondjes

10-02-2017 Schouwburg, Deventer

15-02-2017 Latin Life Radio, Radio West, Den Haag

17-02-2017 Bimhuis, Amsterdam

26-01-2017 Huizen, De Boerderij

27-01-2017 Voorburg, Theater Ludens

29-01-2017 Theater De Lieve Vrouw, Amersfoort

22-01-2017 Schouwburg De Harmonie, Leeuwarden

20 & 21-10-2016 Present at WOMEX

05-11-2016 Theater de Lievenkamp, Oss

28-08-2016 Concertgebouw, Uitmarkt, Amsterdam

14-09-2016 De Observant, Amersfoort

05-08-2016 Freepsum - Gulfhof, Germany

16-07-2016 Ganei Tikva, Israel 

19-07-2016 Zappa Jerusalem, Israel

20-07-2016 Modiin, Israel

21-07-2016 Tel Aviv Museum, Israel

22-07-2016 Tel Aviv Museum, Israel

23-07-2016 Tel Aviv Museum, Israel

23-07-2016 Haifa, Israel

24-06-2016 Alexandrium, Capelle a/d Ijssel

26-06-2016 Theaterplein Odeon, Apeldoorn

18-06-2016 Bühne am Markplatz, Matinee, Homburg a/d Saar, Germany

14-05-2016 Jazz in Duketown, Den Bosch

01-06-2016 De Observant, Amersfoort

04-05-2016 Ali-Theater, Waldshut-Tiengen, Germany

18-03-2016 Goudse Schouwburg, Gouda

23-03-2016 De Observant, Amersfoort

05-03-2016 Musis Sacrum, Arnhem

02-03-2016 Coesfeld, Konzert Theater 1930, Germany

17-02-2016 De Observant, Amersfoort

22-01-2015 Breda, Chassé Theater

20-01-2016 De Observant, Amersfoort

17-01-2016 Theater de Stoep, Spijkenisse

07-10-2015 De Observant, Amersfoort

14-10-2015 De Lindenberg, Nijmegen  

17-10-2015 Breda, Chassé Theater

11-11-2015 De Observant, Amersfoort 

19-11-2015 Huizen, De Boerderij

04-12-2015 Penang Jazz Festival, Malaysia

05-12-2015 Penang Jazz Festival, Malaysia

06-12-2015 Penang Jazz Festival, Malaysia

09-12-2015 De Observant, Amersfoort 

25-04-2015 JazzAhead, Germany

15-05-2015 Prospero Jazz, The Hague

30-05-2015 Meer Jazz Festival, Hoofddorp

06-06-2015 De Observant, Amersfoort, Feat. Yumarya

26-06-2015 Blaeserfestival, Weil am Rhein, Germany

30-07-2015 Heldenpark Festival, Eeklo, Belgium, Feat. Yumarya

11-03-2015 De Observant, Amersfoort

20-03-2015 Isala Theater, Cappelle a/d Ijssel

18-12-2014 Festival Internacional Jazz Plaza, Havana, Cuba “30 Aniversario del Festival”

19-12-2014 Festival Internacional Jazz Plaza, Havana, Cuba “30 Aniversario del Festival”

20-12-2014 Festival Internacional Jazz Plaza, Havana, Cuba “30 Aniversario del Festival”

14-01-2015 De Observant, Amersfoort

07-11-2014 Meschede, Foyer Stadthalle, Germany

13-11-2014  Mühldorf - Haberkasten, Germany 

19-11-2014 De Observant, Amersfoort

14-11-2014 Puchheim - Puc, Germany

26-09-2014 Jazz Festival Viersen, Germany

19-09-2014 Late Summer Jazz Festival, Uden

24-09-2014 De Observant, Amersfoort

14-09-2014 Bibelot, Open Monumenten Dagen, Dordrecht

06-08-2014 Musikpavillon im Kurhaus Garten, Hamm, Germany 

07-08-2014 Brilon, Germany 

08-08-2014 Hannover, Germany

09-08-2014 Arnsberg, Germany 

07-02-2014 Jazzclub DE Tor, Enschede

28-02-2014 Theater Ludens, Voorburg

01-03-2014 Dordtse Jazz Sociëteit, Dordrecht

14-03-2014 De Doelen, Rotterdam

11-04-2014 Cultura Ede Theaterzaal, Ede

26-04-2014 Jazz Festival Kammgarn, Kaiserslautern, Germany 

02-05-2014 Goudse Schouwburg, Gouda

29-05-2014 Breda Jazz Festival, Breda

08-06-2014 Park Open Festival, Arnhem

29-06-2014 Ahlen, Germany 

11-07-2014 Summer in the City, Glashaus 20 3o, Herten, Germany 

15-01-2013 present at  apap, New York, USA [mgam-booth]

07-02-2013 Present at 25. Int. Kulturbörse Freiburg, Germany [magnetic-Music booth]

24-04-2013 Stadhuis, Deventer

24-04-2013 Burgerweeshuis, Deventer

27-04-2013 April Jazz Festival Espoo, Finland, 8-tet

11-05-2013 Freistadt Percussion Festival, Austria 

18-05-2013 Jazz in Duketown, Den Bosch 8-tet, feat. Ilja Reijngoud &  Jacqueline Fortes

29-05-2013 De Observant, Amersfoort

13-07-2013 Centre Culturelle Kinneksbond, Mamer, Luxembourg 8-tet

07-08-2013 De Observant, Amersfoort

17-08-2013 Festival Latino Plaza,  Amersfoort

18-08-2013 De Observant, Amersfoort

24-08-2013  Stadfest Bühne Münsterkirchhof, Hameln, Germany 8 -tet

25-08-2013  Jazz Club Bird, Rotterdam - Matinee

29-09-2013 Maenam, Samui Jazz Festival, Thailand 7 -tet

03-10-2013 CentraL Grand Beach, Samui Jazz Festival, Thailand 7 -tet

04-10-2013 Main Stage, Samui Jazz Festival, Thailand 7 -tet

05-10-2013 Main Stage, Samui Jazz Festival, Thailand 7 -tet

03-01-2012 NTR Radio5 live 

29 til 31-03-2012 Present at  Babelmed, Marseille, France

26-04-2012 Jazz at the Bowling, New York-zaal, Loosdrecht, 6-tet

19-05-2012 Jazz in Catstown, Helmond

30-06-2012 Theater De Meerse, Hoofddorp

05-07-2012 Sunfest, London Ontario, Canada, 8-tet

07-7-2012 Sunfest, London Ontario, Canada, 8-tet

08-07-2012 Sunfest, London Ontario, Canada, 8-tet

14-07-2012 Big River Festival, Dordrecht

18-08-2012 Dias Latinos, Amersfoort, 8-tet

05-10 -2012 Drammen, Norway

11-10-2012 Jazz@Vie, Bangkok, Thailand

17-10-2012 Nora Buri, Koh Samui, Thailand

20-10-2012 Samui Jazz Festival Mainstage, Koh Samui, Thailand

17 til 21-10-2012 Present at  Womex, Thessaloniki, Greece

14-01-2011 Rotterdam, De Doelen

15-01-2011 Theater De Stoep, Spijkenisse

22-01-2011 Heerlen, Parkstad Limburg Theaters ING

23-01-2011 Hoogezand, Theater Het Kielzog [matinee]

30-01-2011 Alkmaar, De Vest

03-03-2011 TV Rijnmond

25-03-2011 Woerden, Het Klooster

26-03-2011 Dordrecht, Dordtse Jazz Sociëteit

21-04-2011 Hoofddorp, De Meerse

22-04-2011 Breda, Chassé Theater

05-06-2011 Breda Jazz Festival

10-06-2011 Jazz in Duketown, Den Bosch

24-06-2011 Jazz Dag Rotterdam

01-07-2011 Lantaren Venster, North Sea Jazz Round Town

06-08-2011 Muziekfestival Zandvoort

07-08-2011 Zomerterras Vlaardingen

19-08-2011 Jazzfestival Delft

16-10-2011 Alkmaar, grandcafe K & B

01-12-2011 Dag van de Wereldmuziek, Grounds, Rotterdam

28-08-2010 Concertgebouw Amsterdam, Uitmarkt, Kunstof TV

16-01-2010 Theater a/h Spui Den Haag

11-12-2009 Nederlandse Wereldmuziekdag, Rasa, Utrecht

11-12-2009 Latin Fanatics, Theater de Regentes, Den Haag

17-05-2009 Ruigoord Amsterdam

28-05-2009 World Music and Dance Centre, Rotterdam

30-05-2009 “De X” Leiden, featuring Reno Steba

05-10-2008 Roepaen Ottersum

09-10-2008 Royal Tropical Institute Amsterdam 

10-10-2008 KORZO Den Haag     

11-10-2008 SJU  Utrecht

24-10-2008 Lieve Vrouw Amersfoort

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